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Microwave Links 900MB up to 1.8GB links Full Duplex 

We offering a range of high performance low cost microwave radios using licensed frequencies in the common 6-38 GHz bands. Using advanced modulation techniques up to 1024QAM, native IP/Ethernet traffic up to 900Mbps (2+0 gives 1800Mbps) full duplex capacity can be transmitted reliably.

Microwave radio is an established technology used by telecommunication operators ISPs and organizations where quality of service is ensured through careful frequency and link planning. Wireless Microwave Radios are distinguished by high performance, advanced radio features and flexible reconfigurable network interfaces.

System Features


Software-Defined Radio

Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM),

Adaptive Power Control (APC)

Native IP/Gigabit Ethernet POE 


Telecom Service Providers & ISPs

4G Network operators

Point-to-Point Wireless networking

CCTV cameras Network

Corporate backbone links

Resilience for Fibre links

Temporary Deployment

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